Full Force Releases New CD With A Little Help From Their (Famous) Friends


Full Force may have last had their own big hit in the 80’s but they’ve been a successful production unit ever since. Thirty years in the game and the group of brothers from Brooklyn have redefined what it takes to be successful in the music business.

After working with everyone from Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam toCeCe Peniston, the group has put together a new release with help from some very talented friends. Faith Evans, Sheila E., Shanice, Will Smith,Raphael Saadiq, Tisha Campbell, Cheryl Pepsi Riley and Me’Lisa Morgan with a special interlude that includes Blair Underwood, Malcolm Jamal Warner, Omari Hardwick and Big Daddy Kane with Najee are all guests on the record Full Force With Love From Our Friends.

This release is particularly special as it marks not just their third decade in music, but Paul Anthony’s recovery from cancer.

“It’s a celebration of life an love and that’s why its called ‘With Love From Our Friends,’’’ Paul Anthony says. He attributes his recovery from cancer to several things, including God.

“Mind, body and spirit, just tying it all together, staying focused and moving like it’s already done, and then a beloved bone marrow transplant from my brother Lou.

He donated 9 million bone marrow cells to Paul, who only needed 6 million. The risks and warnings of donating marrow have daunted many prospective donors, but African-American donors are very much so needed.

“They said some siblings have pulled out,” says Lou. Bone marrow transplants are necessary to cure certain cancers, including leukemia. Lou says despite the risks and procedure, he’d do it again. “I’d die for my brother,” he says.

Full Force hits the road this fall, with a show at BB King’s in New York City. The House Party Reunion Concert happens on September 6, with Kid and Play.

Interview with the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin

Aretha FranklinKnown as the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin sat down for an interview with radio host Freddie Bell. She covered a wide range of topics, from her new CD, due out in September; to a movie and book about her life; and the incident involving an employee at a johnny Rockets franchise. Franklin is playing a number of midwest dates, including stops at State Fairs.


It’s the Morning Show on KMOJ

Mornings have found me again. For the last few years I’ve been working as a voice over artist for commercials documentaries, literary works, TV shows and movies. I’ve had a couple of stints at radio stations across the country and I’ve given lectures and speeches, but none of its matches the pure joy of sharing the morning with thousands of listeners from behind a microphone in the Twin Cities.

Just as we were hitting our Solid Gold Soul Morning Show stride in 2001 on KSGS radio in Minneapolis, the plug was pulled, not only on the radio program but on the entire radio station.
My live radio morning program was replaced by a recorded stock market report. Later the station would be sold to a private investor.

The year prior, my family and I were living in Tampa. Through technology I was able to host my morning show to the Twin Cities from my Tampa studio. It was something we did for the last year of the station’s five–year run.

Spiritually, I’d had a premonition that the station’s demise was on the way. I’d read a book entitled The Vine, by the same author of another book called the Prayer of Jabez. In reading that book, a clear message came through that Solid Gold Soul was coming to an end. I just didn’t know when. So when the conclusion came I wasn’t as surprised as I could have been.
Soon after being bumped from the air, I went into scramble mode. I had to close out the Solid Gold Soul work and begin a transition into new opportunities.

From that point I focused on the idea that lightening could strike twice in that same place and that I could be the host of another important morning program. Moreover, I held on to a focus that a morning show opportunity would come to me. That’s exactly how Solid Gold Soul began. I was approached to not only manage the station but also to host its only
live program which just happened to be the morning show.

In 2012, I began hosting the nationally syndicated, Freddie Bell Show, an oldies general market program. In an interesting twist, I also began hosting a talk show on am 950, entitled Beyond Fifty, renamed, New Beginnings, which focuses on the needs of the 78 million Baby Boomers in America. Ironically, the program is aired from the same studio from which Solid Gold Soul was broadcast.

Earlier this year, KMOJ General Manager, Kelvin Quarles invited me to a meeting at its studios. I assumed the agenda would include taking one of my programs like an urban oldies show.
The result of that meeting placed me with Shed G as a host of the newly named, The Morning Show with Freddie Bell and Shed G.

The task at KMOJ is more interesting now than at Solid Gold. Part of our agreement calls for the opportunity to mentor some of the station’s radio talent. In addition to that is the chance to reconnect with people who might remember the program and to earn the respect of people who have never heard my work. All of this combined could help us build a larger radio audience.

In this reconnection with mornings I’m not only grateful, but humbled and reassured. I knew it before, but I have a more clear understanding that whatever you hold in your mind, ardently desire and focus on will come to pass. My job now is trying to be a relevant voice for KMOJ and giving our audience a reason to wake up to Shed and I in the morning.

New Beginnings, 1pm Saturdays on am950 KTNF Radio

Freddie Bell - Beyond 50New Beginnings, a radio Talk Show for and about the 78 Million Baby Boomers in America, is heard Saturdays at 1pm, exclusively on AM950,  the Progressive Voice of Minnesota. Freddie Bell is your host.



100.9FM Welcomes Freddie Bell

SGS Entertainment, producers of the syndicated weekend Freddie Bell Show announces the partnership with KOWZ 100.9FM in Owatonna, MN.

The syndication in southern Minnesota is especially significant. The agreement reunites KOWZ’s Program Director Craig Stevens and Freddie Bell. The pair shared morning show duties when Bell hosted his Morning show on KSGS 950Am in the Twin Cities in the mid-90’s. The partnership gives listeners in the Twin Cities a chance to tune into the program on Sunday evenings beginning January 2014.

The Freddie Bell Show offers a wide variety of music emphasizing the 70’s and 80’s, and offers a range of features including entertainment updates, celebrity interviews, and more. Bell says the program’s sweet spot is for listeners in the 25-and-up age range having an eclectic taste in music and enjoy the big hits from yesterday. When the music and personality are blended, the show becomes a unique mix that stands up well and could very easily be a staple in homes for years to come, Bell says.

Presently, The Freddie Bell Show is syndicated to 18 radio stations in Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Arkansas, and Virginia, and is expected to expand by at least ten additional markets over the next two years

Bell says it’s always great to be heard in your home state and home market, so the partnership with KOWZ is especially important to listeners and advertisers.

The show is heard throughout the weekend on Freddie’s syndication from 10am on Friday mornings to 9pm on Sunday nights.

KOWZ launches the program January 4th from 6 to 9pm on Sunday Nights.


What Are You Thinking?

When you’re fully committed to using the techniques in the Power of Focus, we have a chance to reset the table each day.

As an example; to keep our energy at a high level, we have opportunities to nourish our bodies throughout the day.  This intake of food and water helps to keep us strong so long as we maintain a healthy diet.

The same can be said for focus.  We are bombarded with millions of mental impressions every day. When we take charge of what comes in to our minds…making sure the thoughts and impressions are healthy and forward thinking, we’re automatically in a better position to have positive impact on the outcomes in our lives.

Just as a proper diet produces a more healthy body, directed focus by controlling our thoughts produces a better quality of life.

 Our daily, even hourly challenge is taking the personal initiative to act as our own mental gatekeeper. Just as a sentry protects a palace, our job is to keep the high watch and concentrate on those thoughts  having the ability to lift us up, rather than those which tear us down.

Email Address for Freddie Bell

Hello friends. I have finally fixed the email address issues with Freddie@freddiebell.com

The problem was user error…me! But now if you’d like to send me an email, I will respond. I really would like to hear from you!!

Affordable Health Care Front and Center

Affordable Health Care is front and center in the news these days. A few months ago, I put together a basic outline on the details of the new healthcare plan. You can find it on my facebook page. Just click the link for the Power of Focus free report. You can also visit my Beyond Fifty link from the main page of this website and listen to a show devoted to the topic.


Brad Creates the Shows!!!

After 20 years I stopped counting the number of years I’ve been in radio. In those early days, one of the few things I didn’t like about the business was editing reel to reel audio tape. In the early days of radio, tape was the only way to record material and these huge reels were considered the best. There was a time when many homeowners proudly displayed their larger than life audio tape system holding hours and hours of music. Those machines were in every radio station around the country. There still might be some out there today.

It wasn’t that I didn’t know how to edit audio tape,  it  just wasn’t one of my favorite things to do.  To avoid editing, I learned to produce better programs needing little or no extra work or editing.

As the radio stations I worked at got larger, I was fortunate to partner with producers whose main job was to edit sound material and produce programs, commericals and promos for radio stations.  Boy did my life get better after that!

 At Solid Gold Soul radio, we were still using tape even in the mid 90’s. As as time went on, digital media eventually found its way to our studios. With the digital came a top producer by the name of Brad Sperling. Prior to joining us, Brad had a great relationship and worked with our new General Manager, Dan Seeman, who is now the VP at Hubbard Broadcasting.  Brad was appointed as the Production Manager for Smooth Jazz Station and with us at Solid Gold Soul.

Brad took the time to show me how to how to use the new digital editing machines and computers.  Brad’s expertise vastly improved the sound quality of The Freddie Bell Morning Show.  After a while, I was doing digital edits during my Morning Show because of what I had learned from Brad.   Over time, I actually learned to enjoy digitally editing and creating commercials and programs on my own.

Since then, I’ve worked with a few other great producers including Paul Kramer, Amy Daniels,  and a few others who came through the Smooth Jazz and Solid Gold Soul Studios.  In Tampa I worked with Eric Storm, Big Money Ced and Larry Steele who are great producers as well.   I learned from each of them.  

My guess is that more than 90 percent of anything heard with my voice on it, Brad had a hand in making it happen and sound wonderful.

After the run ended with Solid Gold Soul, I created a weekly three-hour program for WRNB radio’s Pete Rhoades in Minneapolis. Every one of those shows was a Brad creation. He not only put the programs together, he collaborated with me on the flow and the feel of the programming.

Today, Brad is the owner of Radio Show Pro which produces financial shows for consultants around the country. It’s a full service business, where he works with people who have never been in radio and takes them through every phase of getting a quality radio program on the air in the market of their choice.

Brad is also the producer of my local show, Beyond 50 Transformation which airs on 950am, the 70’s Show with Cindy Barton and my new syndicated program.  I’ll have a lot more to say about that endeavor soon.

Without the guidance, expertise and friendship of Brad Sperling, my voice would be just another of the many announcers who get lost in the fast-paced  radio world.  It takes a village to raise a child and a super producer to make Freddie Bell sound good. I tip my hat to the premiere slicer and dicer, Brad!

Cindy Barton, Broadcaster, Key To Freddie Bell Syndication Deal

Most of the spring and all summer of 1995 I had been working part-time for the new Smooth Jazz station in Minneapolis. I joined them shortly after it came on the air and  represented the station at its first listener appreciation party. It was held at the Hyatt Hotel in downtown Minneapolis where Dave Koz was the featured act.

There was still some angst around the station because the 104.1 frequency had been a Country station before the launch. Moving from Smooth Jazz to country didn’t sit well with many of the people there and some of the announcers seemed a little uncomfortable with the new format.

Can you imagine going from Conway Twitty to Ramsey Lewis in an afternoon? Whew! As a part timer, I had my own weekend shift, but found myself filling in on time slots all over the station. Many times I found myself sitting in for the Morning Show hosts who were absent from their shift.

As the fall-out of announcers continued from the format shift, a full-time job opened in the midnight to six am time slot. I was invited to apply for the job and it was mine immediately. To get ready for the show, I would often arrive an hour early to make sure I was aware of the day’s business and to get familiar with the flow of the programming.

Helping me was Cindy Barton who also was with the country station and a very good announcer. Cindy was a key person in helping me to adjust to the overnight and helped me tremendously in becoming a trusted full-time employee. Without Cindy Barton, I’m not sure what turn my career might have taken.

She is an example of the type of people placed in your life to help us along the way. Even then, I realized she was critical to my success and I stayed in contact with her over the years. I always admired Cindy’s style and professionalism. She would often talk about her dream of hosting a morning radio program and even owning her own show. It turned out that Cindy has done both in her career and was very successful at it. She worked along with Orly Knutzen at WLTE in the Twin Cities and also hosted a nationally syndicated program. Cindy also introduced me to the world of voiceovers and shared a number of contacts to help me get started in that aspect of the business.

And now with Cindy’s help, I’m poised to take over the hosting duties and ownership responsibilities of the new syndicated, Freddie Bell Show. Very soon, we’ll be announcing an official launch date.

Thanks to Cindy Barton!

PO BOX 25452 Woodbury, Minnesota 55125 *888-639-9738* Freddie@freddiebell.com