Brad Creates the Shows!!!

After 20 years I stopped counting the number of years I’ve been in radio. In those early days, one of the few things I didn’t like about the business was editing reel to reel audio tape. In the early days of radio, tape was the only way to record material and these huge reels were considered the best. There was a time when many homeowners proudly displayed their larger than life audio tape system holding hours and hours of music. Those machines were in every radio station around the country. There still might be some out there today.

It wasn’t that I didn’t know how to edit audio tape,  it  just wasn’t one of my favorite things to do.  To avoid editing, I learned to produce better programs needing little or no extra work or editing.

As the radio stations I worked at got larger, I was fortunate to partner with producers whose main job was to edit sound material and produce programs, commericals and promos for radio stations.  Boy did my life get better after that!

 At Solid Gold Soul radio, we were still using tape even in the mid 90’s. As as time went on, digital media eventually found its way to our studios. With the digital came a top producer by the name of Brad Sperling. Prior to joining us, Brad had a great relationship and worked with our new General Manager, Dan Seeman, who is now the VP at Hubbard Broadcasting.  Brad was appointed as the Production Manager for Smooth Jazz Station and with us at Solid Gold Soul.

Brad took the time to show me how to how to use the new digital editing machines and computers.  Brad’s expertise vastly improved the sound quality of The Freddie Bell Morning Show.  After a while, I was doing digital edits during my Morning Show because of what I had learned from Brad.   Over time, I actually learned to enjoy digitally editing and creating commercials and programs on my own.

Since then, I’ve worked with a few other great producers including Paul Kramer, Amy Daniels,  and a few others who came through the Smooth Jazz and Solid Gold Soul Studios.  In Tampa I worked with Eric Storm, Big Money Ced and Larry Steele who are great producers as well.   I learned from each of them.  

My guess is that more than 90 percent of anything heard with my voice on it, Brad had a hand in making it happen and sound wonderful.

After the run ended with Solid Gold Soul, I created a weekly three-hour program for WRNB radio’s Pete Rhoades in Minneapolis. Every one of those shows was a Brad creation. He not only put the programs together, he collaborated with me on the flow and the feel of the programming.

Today, Brad is the owner of Radio Show Pro which produces financial shows for consultants around the country. It’s a full service business, where he works with people who have never been in radio and takes them through every phase of getting a quality radio program on the air in the market of their choice.

Brad is also the producer of my local show, Beyond 50 Transformation which airs on 950am, the 70’s Show with Cindy Barton and my new syndicated program.  I’ll have a lot more to say about that endeavor soon.

Without the guidance, expertise and friendship of Brad Sperling, my voice would be just another of the many announcers who get lost in the fast-paced  radio world.  It takes a village to raise a child and a super producer to make Freddie Bell sound good. I tip my hat to the premiere slicer and dicer, Brad!

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