Push Your Thoughts Around

We think all the time, and some of the finest thoughts we have are those that have the potential of positively impacting our lives. The key to winning is to taking time to listen to what we hear in our innermost reflections and then acting on those ideas that move us forward.


By habit, many people tend to focus on what they don’t want in their lives rather than what they’d like to see. What do you want? What do you want to be? What do you want to become? Concentrate and then act on those ideas.


We’re naturally goal seeking people and our positive thoughts and ideas set us up for greatness. The key to winning is staying on course and shutting off the internal negative thoughts that threaten to hold us back.


Don’t allow your own defeatist introspections and outside influences push you around. Take charge of your brain power by filling your mind with ideas and thoughts that move you closer to your goals and dreams.


Consider adding the following simple idea. “I’m grateful for my ideas that help make my dreams, goals and ambitions come true.”

Lo/Jack Can Save Lives

On the KMOJ Morning Show, we learned of  a solution for people suffering with cognitive disorders.  Its called Lo/Jack and is available now to Washington County residents.

lojack 2

Washington County Sheriff’s Office is a participant in the national program called LO/JACK.  The technology now protects and rescues individuals who wander from their caregiver.  The task of searching for wandering or lost individuals with cognitive disorders including AUTISM, ALZHEIMER’S or other medical conditions is a growing and serious responsibility for the caregivers and the Sheriff’s Office.  Without the help of an effective tracking system, searches can involve multiple agencies, hundreds of officers, countless hours and thousands of dollars.  More important, because time is of the essence, every minute lost increases the risk of a tragic outcome.  That is why the Washington County Sheriff’s Office now offers an effective solution for finding and rescuing those who wander from their caregiver.

If you would like more information about this program, please visit the Lo/Jack website http://www.lojack.com/People-at-Risk or contact the Washington County Sheriff’s office at 651-430-7820.

CJ: Star Tribune Writer Stops in to Chat

Freddie Bell, if that is his real name, loves broadcasting as much as speakers enjoy oozing out his voice.

Bell is back in the Twin Cities after a 13-year absence, anchoring the morning show at KMOJ. From 1994 to 2001, Bell was host of “Solid Gold Soul,” a morning show on AM 950. “The last year, I was living in Tampa and hosting with my morning crew back here in Minneapolis,” he said. “I lasted almost a year and they flipped the format. That morning show that you had, well, you’re going to be replaced with a stock market report. From that point, 2001, I have been trying to hold the vision, the focus to get back into morning radio. That is why I am here with you today. I speak on the power of focus. The life that I’ve focused on is unfolding here today. It’s taken a lot of years to get back in this chair behind the microphone, to reconnect in this market. Without focus, none of this would happen.”

In addition to this show, “I host a nationally syndicated general market show where we play everything from Abba to the Whispers, and then I have a talk show for baby boomers, a one-hour weekly show here in town. These three shows take up a lot of time and production. I love broadcasting, I love radio, communicating. It’s a vocation, it’s an avocation, but I have to be very judicious with that time, too.”

As you will see in my startribune.com/video, Bell is considerably lighter than he was the last time he was on the Twin Cities airwaves. He got healthy by dropping 69 pounds.

In this version of the interview, Bell gave me an interesting estimate of the number of radio personalities who use pseudonyms.


Q: What is so seductive about Minnesota that you keep coming back here?

A: I like the four seasons! But sometimes it gets a little extreme; 93 inches of snow is a little extreme. My oldest daughter is here, so those two things. If it was anything else, I wouldn’t be here, believe me.


Q: Did you ever believe you’d return to morning radio?

A: I am so grateful to be back, to connect to the people in the Twin Cities. I didn’t think it would be here, I didn’t think it would be at KMOJ. I started in the Twin Cities but it’s really a pleasure to be back and the reception is heartwarming. I can’t thank the management of KMOJ enough.


Q: But some changes are coming?

A: Yeah, I’m paired with an incredible comedian, Shed G, and this week we are adding a female voice, Chantel SinGs. I understand she actually sings. Maybe if I convince her and talk nicely enough, she’ll sing to our audience. That will be an interesting dynamic and I can’t wait for that. Larry Fitzgerald Sr. covers sports and DJ Chuck Chizzle provides a 10-minute music mix each morning at 8 a.m.


Q: What are your aspirations?

A: To do the best job we can to be a voice for our community. To do the best job we can in delivering that information. And help the folks here, the other broadcasters, to better themselves and be the best they can possibly be. I don’t have an official capacity in that area, but if there is a way I can be a help, to make more money if that’s the case, be a better announcer, I am happy to do that. As Erykah Badu told me: to be the handmaiden to help folks along.

Will Wesley Snipes Return for a Fourth ‘Blade’ Movie?


After nearly a decade, theBlade franchise is said to be returning and front man Wesley Snipes is reportedly stepping back into the leading role.

According to New York Daily News, Snipes will reprise his role as the vampire hunter in the 1998 thriller that raked in over $130 million.

He’s reportedly being offered $3 million for the role.

During an interview with the UK’s Telegraph, Snipes revealed his hopes for the making of the fourth film saying that it’s, “very much a possibility,” also adding that he’d love to work with the director of the second film, Guillermo del Toro.

He also spoke to MTV about the possibility saying, “I’d be open to it. I think we’ve got some stones left unturned and there’s some latitude left for us to build on and I’d love to get back in the suit again and do some things I’ve learned how to do now that I didn’t know how to do then.”

There is no confirmation yet on when we can expect to see the fourth installation. Stay tuned!

Andre 3000 Opens Up About Jimi Hendrix Biopic and Wise Words From Prince


Andre 3000 is a busy man as he celebrates the 20th anniversary of Outkast with a tour and prepares for the release of his upcoming Jimi Hendrix biopic.

During an exclusive interview with the New York Times, Andre reveals that this year has had its share of ups and downs as he dishes on his Coachella performance and some very real advice given to him by the one and only Prince.

When fans learned that Andre 3000 and Big Boi would unite for Coachella it quickly became one of the summer’s most highly anticipated performances but Andre 3000 says he and the fans knew something was missing.

“Yea, I think people could see it at Coachella, the very first show. It was foreign. My head wasn’t there,” he explained. “A few hours before the show, I get a message that Prince and Paul McCartney are going to be there….my spirit is not right  and my idols are standing side stage, so as the show started, I’m bummed.”

Andre 3000’s concerns about disappointing his idols were eased a few days later when he got a special call. Prince was on the line and wanted to share some knowledge about comeback performances, “When you come back people want to be wowed. And what’s the best way to wow people? Just give them the hits,” Prince said.

When asked whether he thought about canceling his performances due to the death of his parents Andre says that the shows were actually a blessing, “These shows force me to have to be in front of those people, so it was good therapy for me,” he said.

When it comes to his upcoming role as Jimi Hendrix in the much talked about biopic of the late rock legend, Andre says he almost passed on it, citing his age and grey hairs as his reasons but he’s glad the movie’s director John Ridley kept at him, “I needed something to focus on to get me out of my depression and rut,” he said. “…Hendrix kind of saved me.”

Fans can catch Jimi Hendrix: All is by my Side in theaters September 26.

What Do You Avoid Talking About on Social Media?

You wouldn’t be faulted for thinking people turn to sites like Facebook and Twitter to talk about everything—a promotion at work, their lunch, a breakup, even a death in the family.
But according to a new study done by the Pew Research Center, there are some topics that people consider off-limits when it comes to social sharing. The study found people are less likely to post about political and controversial topics on sites like Facebook and Twitter.

“People who thought their social media friends disagreed with them were less likely to discuss the issues in face-to-face gatherings, as well as online forums,” stated the study. For example, when asked about the Edward Snowden situation, out of the 1,801 people that took the poll, only 42 percent said they would post about it on social media sites. That leaves a whopping 86 percent that would rather talk in person about such topics, than post about them online.

So where does this leave you? What do you avoid talking about on social media? Whether it’s politics, religion or sex, take our poll and let us know.

Angela Bassett on Whitney Biopic Backlash: ‘Controversy Can Be Good’

Angela Bassett, who came up short in her bid for an Emmy Monday night, was asked on the red carpet about the controversy surrounding the upcoming Whitney Houston biopic, which she is directing for Lifetime.

As previously reported, Whitney’s mother Cissy is not happy with the production, saying producers have moved forward despite objections from the family. “No one connected with this movie knew Whitney or anything about her relationship with Bobby. …I find it difficult to believe people who knew and supposedly loved her would participate in a movie about her done by folks who didn’t know her.”

However, Bassett is adamant the controversy will be good for business, telling Billboard.com, “Controversy can be good. It can pique your interest.”

She added of her work on the project, “It felt like it was flowing from the beginning. Except me with the learning curve, you know. Coming from one side of the camera to the other.”

Yaya DaCosta stars as the late singer in the film, titled “I Will Always Love You: The Whitney Houston Story.”

Bassett received an Emmy nomination for her role in “American Horror Story: Coven,” but lost Monday night to her cast mate Kathy Bates.



On the heels of his VMA performance Sunday of “She Came to Give It To You,” Usher has released his latest single, “Believe Me,” and revealed eight dates for his upcoming The UR Experience tour on Twitter, reports Billboard.

So far, the trek will hit Los Angeles, Seattle, Dallas, New Orleans, Chicago, Toronto, New York, Atlantic City and Orlando.

“Believe Me,” produced by Mike WiLL Made-It, features Ursh with a guilty conscience after breaking his lover’s heart “so many times.”

Uh Oh! Chris Brown’s Girlfriend Catches Backlash For Blue Ivy ‘Hair’ Comment


Blue Ivy made headlines this weekend when the toddler was spotted dancing along to her uber famous mom’s hit song ‘Flawless’ during the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards.

The clip of the adorable two year old mimicking her mother’s hand motions quickly went viral and Blue instantly became the talk of the night.

But it was Karrueche Tran that found herself in hot water after making a joke about Blue’s hair while guest hosting BET’s ‘106 & Park’.

Chris Brown‘s better half (for now) took to her Twitter to try and clear things up, but by then the #BeyHive and those that felt it was super inappropriate called her out

Coffee Talk: Mike Epps Confirmed To Play Richard Pryor in Biopic


Here’s what we’re talking about over our coffee: It’s confirmed! Mike Epps will play Richard Pryor in an upcoming biopic directed by Lee Daniels. After multiple productions on the comedian were started, none have yet to be finished. For this one, Daniels will be working with The Weinstein Company to bring Pryor’s story to the big screen. Oprah Winfrey shared a photo of herself with Epps and Daniels confirming the news. It’s unclear what Oprah’s role will be, but we can’t help but get a little excited.  Even though Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj didn’t get to come together at the MTV VMA’s for a little “***Flawless Remix” action, Bey didn’t let Nicki forget their collaboration. The “Anaconda” singer let us in on what she found in her dressing room after the award show.

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