Cindy Barton, Broadcaster, Key To Freddie Bell Syndication Deal

Most of the spring and all summer of 1995 I had been working part-time for the new Smooth Jazz station in Minneapolis. I joined them shortly after it came on the air and  represented the station at its first listener appreciation party. It was held at the Hyatt Hotel in downtown Minneapolis where Dave Koz was the featured act.

There was still some angst around the station because the 104.1 frequency had been a Country station before the launch. Moving from Smooth Jazz to country didn’t sit well with many of the people there and some of the announcers seemed a little uncomfortable with the new format.

Can you imagine going from Conway Twitty to Ramsey Lewis in an afternoon? Whew! As a part timer, I had my own weekend shift, but found myself filling in on time slots all over the station. Many times I found myself sitting in for the Morning Show hosts who were absent from their shift.

As the fall-out of announcers continued from the format shift, a full-time job opened in the midnight to six am time slot. I was invited to apply for the job and it was mine immediately. To get ready for the show, I would often arrive an hour early to make sure I was aware of the day’s business and to get familiar with the flow of the programming.

Helping me was Cindy Barton who also was with the country station and a very good announcer. Cindy was a key person in helping me to adjust to the overnight and helped me tremendously in becoming a trusted full-time employee. Without Cindy Barton, I’m not sure what turn my career might have taken.

She is an example of the type of people placed in your life to help us along the way. Even then, I realized she was critical to my success and I stayed in contact with her over the years. I always admired Cindy’s style and professionalism. She would often talk about her dream of hosting a morning radio program and even owning her own show. It turned out that Cindy has done both in her career and was very successful at it. She worked along with Orly Knutzen at WLTE in the Twin Cities and also hosted a nationally syndicated program. Cindy also introduced me to the world of voiceovers and shared a number of contacts to help me get started in that aspect of the business.

And now with Cindy’s help, I’m poised to take over the hosting duties and ownership responsibilities of the new syndicated, Freddie Bell Show. Very soon, we’ll be announcing an official launch date.

Thanks to Cindy Barton!

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