Focus is an Inside Job!

As you continue realizing that  you are mightily made your life begins to change in ways you could never imagine. The key is to be thankful and have a heart of gratitude. Gratitude has power. So give thanks for everything especially when it “appears” things are not going the way you want knowing that your breakthrough is around the corner. Give thanks for the weather, the birds, your friends, the people who treat you poorly and give thanks for yourself. When those setbacks happen say this, “thank you Father for this evidence of your love for me. Through this I grow!” Your words have power and they help you to hold the focus to your greater good.

I used to keep track of all the bad things that happened to me.  Doing so gave me permission to feel bad.  As I continued replaying all the bad times in my life, I later realized that  I was missing out on the wonderful things that were going on right in front of me. We tend to magnify what we concentrate on and give our attention.

Take some time to take account of all the positive things that are happening.  Over time you’ll come to see that your life actually has vitality and that even though difficult times may come they aren’t as bad as they seem.

Hold the thought that even setbacks have comebacks woven into them. You have the power to win and win big.   My buddy Willie Jolly says a setback is a setup for a comeback! I know he’s right.

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