What Are You Thinking?

When you’re fully committed to using the techniques in the Power of Focus, we have a chance to reset the table each day.

As an example; to keep our energy at a high level, we have opportunities to nourish our bodies throughout the day.  This intake of food and water helps to keep us strong so long as we maintain a healthy diet.

The same can be said for focus.  We are bombarded with millions of mental impressions every day. When we take charge of what comes in to our minds…making sure the thoughts and impressions are healthy and forward thinking, we’re automatically in a better position to have positive impact on the outcomes in our lives.

Just as a proper diet produces a more healthy body, directed focus by controlling our thoughts produces a better quality of life.

 Our daily, even hourly challenge is taking the personal initiative to act as our own mental gatekeeper. Just as a sentry protects a palace, our job is to keep the high watch and concentrate on those thoughts  having the ability to lift us up, rather than those which tear us down.

Speak Your Mind


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