Invest in Yourself by Focusing on Your Health

Eating well, exercising, getting enough sleep, taking vitamins, and visiting your doctor on a regular basis could add years, if not decades, to your life. Begin by reading books about health and fitness. Visit your physician for a check-up and put yourself on a regimen that gets you in shape. About four years ago I was given the gift of a three-month health club membership. It was meant as a Christmas present and it continues giving every day.

In the first year, I was fortunate enough to trim more than 60 pounds from my frame. The by- products are incredible. I’ve battled with asthma for a number of years and was taking two or three different medications to control it. Now I take none. I have a seemingly endless supply of energy and my overall outlook on life is immensely more positive.

Professionally, I feel more effective and productive and have a better focus on the details.  By investing in my health, I given myself a better chance at living a long productive life.  Of course before starting any physical activity, check with your doctor.

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