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Where’s The Urban?

After having lived in Dallas for almost ten years, the thought of moving to Minnesota in 1994 was startling.

After I rid myself of the thoughts of cold and snow, I reasoned that since Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis were in the area, there had to be a commercial urban radio station in Minneapolis as well. With that in mind, I decided making the move would give me a chance to return to radio a medium I absolutely love.

Before flying to Minnesota on a house-hunting trip I reached out to a number of radio stations.  Surprisingly, one of them agreed to an interview and invited me over. I couldn’t believe my luck and timing.

After getting directions, I headed over to Minneapolis to visit with Walter Banks of KMOJ. But Walter wasn’t the name he gave me. It was something like Cue Bear. I thought I’d heard it wrong.  As we drove into the neighborhood near Highway 55, I was beginning to believe that perhaps KMOJ may not be a commercial radio station.  That thought was more than confirmed after I spoke with Walter. He said KMOJ was the closest thing to an urban station that the Twin Cities had.  I explained that I was moving into the city and that I was looking for an opportunity to do morning radio. Since KMOJ paid no salaries at that time, Walter didn’t see any problem with giving me an opportunity. He said just give him a call after we made the move.

Disappointed that no money was involved, I kept looking.  On the day we were set to return to Dallas, I saw a newspaper ad for WRNB Radio. I couldn’t believe my eyes! At last I’d found an Urban radio station. What would follow would color and change my life forever.

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