It’s the Morning Show on KMOJ

Mornings have found me again. For the last few years I’ve been working as a voice over artist for commercials documentaries, literary works, TV shows and movies. I’ve had a couple of stints at radio stations across the country and I’ve given lectures and speeches, but none of its matches the pure joy of sharing the morning with thousands of listeners from behind a microphone in the Twin Cities.

Just as we were hitting our Solid Gold Soul Morning Show stride in 2001 on KSGS radio in Minneapolis, the plug was pulled, not only on the radio program but on the entire radio station.
My live radio morning program was replaced by a recorded stock market report. Later the station would be sold to a private investor.

The year prior, my family and I were living in Tampa. Through technology I was able to host my morning show to the Twin Cities from my Tampa studio. It was something we did for the last year of the station’s five–year run.

Spiritually, I’d had a premonition that the station’s demise was on the way. I’d read a book entitled The Vine, by the same author of another book called the Prayer of Jabez. In reading that book, a clear message came through that Solid Gold Soul was coming to an end. I just didn’t know when. So when the conclusion came I wasn’t as surprised as I could have been.
Soon after being bumped from the air, I went into scramble mode. I had to close out the Solid Gold Soul work and begin a transition into new opportunities.

From that point I focused on the idea that lightening could strike twice in that same place and that I could be the host of another important morning program. Moreover, I held on to a focus that a morning show opportunity would come to me. That’s exactly how Solid Gold Soul began. I was approached to not only manage the station but also to host its only
live program which just happened to be the morning show.

In 2012, I began hosting the nationally syndicated, Freddie Bell Show, an oldies general market program. In an interesting twist, I also began hosting a talk show on am 950, entitled Beyond Fifty, renamed, New Beginnings, which focuses on the needs of the 78 million Baby Boomers in America. Ironically, the program is aired from the same studio from which Solid Gold Soul was broadcast.

Earlier this year, KMOJ General Manager, Kelvin Quarles invited me to a meeting at its studios. I assumed the agenda would include taking one of my programs like an urban oldies show.
The result of that meeting placed me with Shed G as a host of the newly named, The Morning Show with Freddie Bell and Shed G.

The task at KMOJ is more interesting now than at Solid Gold. Part of our agreement calls for the opportunity to mentor some of the station’s radio talent. In addition to that is the chance to reconnect with people who might remember the program and to earn the respect of people who have never heard my work. All of this combined could help us build a larger radio audience.

In this reconnection with mornings I’m not only grateful, but humbled and reassured. I knew it before, but I have a more clear understanding that whatever you hold in your mind, ardently desire and focus on will come to pass. My job now is trying to be a relevant voice for KMOJ and giving our audience a reason to wake up to Shed and I in the morning.


  1. Michelle McKinney says:

    Good move on the station’s part. The station was really lacking a level of class and intellect that you seem to bring during the morning drive time. A culturally relevant African American station shouldn’t also be synonymous with a dumbing down aspect. We should always present ourselves as educated and articulate. Particularly in a communications medium like radio. I’m very glad they have moved closer to that with your hiring. Like I said good move. And best of luck!

    • Thank you for the kind words. Under Kelvin Quarles, Candice Breedlove, Chris Styles and Ray Seville, KMOJ has made incredible strides.I’m proud to serve and work with these incredible people.

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