Start Your Day on an Up Note!!

In our age of technology, many of us are constantly in touch. Why not sart your day at a point of disconnect. Consider beginning your day in quiet setting, before the busy-ness of the world intrudes on your peace of mind.

WHen I was hosting my morning show, I routinely started this way because there was no one in the studio but me at 3am.

You can find your own way as well. If you live with others, you might want to wake before they do. The key to enjoying this focus ritual is not going online. You can turn on the computer if you just want to write. You can have coffee or tea and read. You can meditate or do yoga or do a workout or go for a run. Or take a walk. Or sit quietly and do nothing. The key is to take advantage of this peaceful time to rest your mind and focus, however you like.

Do this for at least 21 days and you’ll be amazed at how your life is changing for the better.

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