Focus on Lifestyle: Midnight to Six

I had been working from midnight to 6am on the Minneapolis Smooth Jazz station for about a month when I was told my attendance was required at an 8am meeting in the manager’s office. The session only lasted fifteen minutes, but in the first ten, my career radically changed.” In this light-hearted, humorous presentation learn about the tools anyone can use to re-invent their lives!

Focus on Finance: The Future is Now

Every year more and more Americans are working well beyond 65. The picture Mom and Dad painted of the American Dream never was hung in Freddie’s home. Hear how Sales professionals can take advantage of new opportunities and increase sales by working with Baby Boomers who may never see their parent’s vision but are still able to live through their own!!

Focus on Health: The Affordable Health Care Act – Your Free Report

If you are 50 to 64, the health care law may benefit you and your family in several ways. Most importantly, It makes health coverage easier to get and more affordable. Also, it adds important consumer protections and new insurance options like insurance exchanges. If you’re unsure about what an insurance exchange is, download the report now!

Focus on Change: Three Secrets to Bullet-Proofing Your Strategy

What’s the best thing that could happen to you? What’s the worst?  How do you respond to challenges and change or how do you prepare for the best? Learn new strategies as Freddie shares the secrets of bullet-proofing your life’s plan by employing these critical steps.

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